The benefits of spirulina for your health and beauty may be numerous, and during the following lines, we will specifically highlight the benefits of spirulina for the face. In addition, using spirulina on your skin can bring a variety of benefits, such as:

Resist the Appearance of Pimples and Acne

One of the potential benefits of spirulina for the face is that it may help fight acne and occasional blisters on the skin. As spirulina can resist pimples because of its potential ability to:

Inhibit the growth of some categories of bacteria responsible for the appearance of spots.
Providing the body with a good dose of antioxidants may help expel toxins that can accumulate in the body that stimulate the genesis of pimples.

Activate skin cell metabolism, which can help support the constant regeneration of skin cells. And also, reduce the chances of scars after pimples recover.

Keep Skin Youthful

One of the potential benefits of spirulina for the face may help resist the appearance of many signs of ageing on the skin, as spirulina contains natural substances. And antioxidants that can fight skin ageing, such as tyrosine, vitamin E, selenium, phycocyanin, and various amino acids.

This unique natural spirulina formula may help slow the ageing of skin cells by:

Resist the activity of free electrolytes, which may damage the skin. Therefore, causing it to age.

Protect the skin from the harmful effect of UV rays coming from sunlight.

Enhance collagen production, which may help tighten the skin. And also, improve its elasticity.

These are the most prominent indicators of ageing that spirulina can help resist: thin skin lines, wrinkles.

Resistance to some Skin Diseases

In addition to acne resistance, spirulina may have natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Spirulina can also help resist some other skin diseases and alleviate their symptoms, such as Psoriasis.

Other Spirulina Benefits for the Face

Spirulina may also have other additional benefits for the face and skin, such as:

Rid the body of certain types of toxins, such as arsenic, which may positively impact health. And also, the appearance of the skin.

Moreover, Reduce the chances of skin problems caused by candida.

Lighten the skin and resist pigmentation. Therefore, relieving the severity of dark circles in the vicinity of the eyes.

Moisturize Skin Tissue

Natural masques to reap the benefits of spirulina for the face

Spirulina can improve facial skin health. And also, an appearance by applying spirulina masques. Here are several recipes:

Masque Spirulina with Bananas

To prepare the spirulina mask, you have to prepare the contents of the catcher first, including:

One teaspoon natural spirulina powder.

Drops of lemon juice.

A quarter of an avocado.

Half a ripe banana.

To apply the spirulina mask recipe, here are the steps:

Mash the avocado and banana pulp, mixing the resulting paste with spirulina and lemon.

This spirulina mask is unique to the skin.

Gently wash the face from the spirulina mask after 15 minutes.

Spirulina Mask with Honey

To prepare the spirulina mask, you have to prepare the contents of the catcher first, including:

A spoonful of honey.

Half a teaspoon of spirulina.

One tablespoon of evening primrose oil.

To apply the spirulina mask recipe. Here are the steps:

Mix honey with spirulina and oil.

This spirulina facial mask is applied to the skin and washed after 15minutes.

Spirulina Damage to the Face and Body

After addressing the benefits of spirulina to the face, let’s review the potential spirulina damage as well, most of which are associated with oral eating spirulina. Here’s a list of the most prominent:

Risk of poisoning or liver damage, as some commercially available spirulina. And also, can be contaminated with toxins or some types of bacteria.

Increase the chances of bleeding or bruising, as spirulina may increase blood thinners, particularly dangerous for people with haemorrhage disorders.

Exacerbation of some types of autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, and arthritis.

Possible complications for pregnant women, are often related to the contamination of certain types of spirulina with toxins.

Serious health complications for people with Phenylketonuria.

Negative impact on blood sugar levels for people with diabetes taking medications.

Therefore, adverse reactions to certain medications, such as immunosuppressors inhibitors. And also, blood thinners.

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