The Seasonal skin care most of us desire to continue living independently in comfort and familiar surroundings of our own homes and remain self-sufficient.

Summer Care

The importance of having healthy and caring for skin. Stress, environmental factors, and the sun are aspects that can damage our skin over time. Today we want to give you some tips to take care of your skin in the summer

Taking proper care of our skin is essential for a better appearance and health, it is necessary to take care. And have a good routine for our skin daily, especially in the summer months. Our skin needs extra hydration, maintenance, and protection at this time of year.

And is that in the short term, skin that has not been adequately cared for can become dry, rough, and even flake. Peeling these flaky skin could cause scars, and blemishes. If you have committed the skin, better look at some of these blemished skin care products. As specialists in dermatology, we give you some tips to take care of your skin in the summer.

Seasonal Skin -Winter Care

Winter Care thin skins, white skins, and those exposes to air conditioning or very high heating are more susceptible to the aggression of the cold. In these last two cases, severe dehydration occurs. As for thin skins, they have fewer sebaceous glands. Therefore, their natural lubrication is low. Environmental pollution, which does not decrease in winter but quite the opposite, dirty the skin and irritates it, producing different types of dermatitis. In general, a good cleaning product and a cream, if it can be oily, containing vitamins E, A, and C will help protect and prevent the effects of pollution and cold.

Seasonal Skin -Tips for  Winter Care for Tight and Dry Skin

As has already been pointing out, the causes of dry skin are together with a genetic predisposition. And different pathologies, exogenous factors such as environmental agents or incorrect care, mainly focused on inappropriate dermo-cosmetic products. The reasons for a poor choice of term pharmaceutical care products are, on the one hand, the misinterpretation that is often made of the concept of dryness . And, on the other, the incorrect classification that many people make of their skin.

winter Skin (1)

The antonym of “dry” in ordinary language is “wet,” Therefore, this concept is usually relate to a greater need for water. Thus, emulsions that provide a little hydration are highly value by the public  because the temporary refreshing effect seems to confirm that the right product has been chosen.

Another reason for choosing inappropriate products is, as has been pointing out, the incorrect concept that many users have of skin types. Many of them are usually stable conditions that remain unchange from birth to death. Thus, when classifying the skin, the influences of the environment, professional activity. The change of the seasons of the year, hormonal fluctuations, or possible diseases are often not consider. In terms of advice, the pharmacist must consider the current state of the client’s skin and their individual needs.

Seasonal Care for Facial.

After cleansing, it is advisable to proceed immediately to skin care to  regenerate the damaging hydrolipidic film as quickly as possible. For this, W/O emulsions and liposome preparations are useful in dry skin. Fat bases are also suitable for body care, they are usually combinations of mineral, vegetable, or synthetic oils. The advantage of these products is that they do not contain emulsifiers or preservatives. The drawback is that they usually lack water and moisturizing substances.

It is worth highlighting the formulas that add natural moisturizing factor (NMF) components, glycerol, propylene glycol, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, panthenol, collagen elastin, and urea, together with the flat base. The moisturizing substances increase the moisturizing capacity of the stratum corneum. This last principle is use for cosmetic purposes, at concentrations of less than 10% . And, above all irritate skin, concentrations greater than 5% should not be exceeding for therapeutic purposes, concentrations of 10% or higher are use. In these cases, urea acts by eliminating scaling and calming itching.


Cleansing is the essential first step in your skincare. Routine clean skin more effectively absorbs the active ingredients in skincare products. Our skin care routine should be twice a day  morning and night. The specific routine will vary depending on the time of day, your particular needs, and your skin condition.

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