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Physical Fitness Write For Us – Contribute, Guest Post Submission

Physical Fitness Write For Us

Physical Fitness Write For Us

Before beginning to define what physical fitness means, it is essential to clarify some related concepts frequently used.

The terms physical activity and exercise are commonly used interchangeably, but the reality is that they do not mean the same thing. Physical activity states any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles resulting in energy expenditure. For example, physical activity can be cutting the grass, walking to the pharmacy, climbing the house’s stairs, and washing the car. These are considered physical activities because we do not plan them daily or quantify their duration or intensity.

On the other hand, exercise implies that physical activity is planned, structured, repetitive, and directed towards an end/objective, i.e., to improve physical fitness. In these cases, an exercise could be going to the track at 5:30 PM to walk seven laps, five times a week, and at moderate intensity. As we can see, this is planned daily, so it is considered an exercise.

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Factors That Determine Physical Fitness

No attribute of the human being can be perfect. That includes our level of physical fitness. There is always something in our physical, social, and biological environment that affects how physically fit we can be. Some of these factors are as follows:



Gender (type of sex).


Environment (where we work and live).

Aspects Related to Physical Fitness

Physical fitness has very close links with the following characteristics:

The tasks that a person can perform.

The individual’s ability to perform physical exertion.

The quality of the whole body in terms of its state of adaptation to an unusual extent and extremely unfavorable environmental conditions.

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Physical Fitness Write For Us

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