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Hair Care Write For Us

Hair Care Write For Us

Precisely because the hair is made up of dead cells, once its structure is damaged, it is impossible to remedy it as no vital activity allows it to regenerate. There are indeed hair cosmetics specifically designed and formulated to help protect the hair or allow it to be kept in good condition. Still, the hair structure cannot be regenerated with cosmetics.

You can work wonders with cosmetics that are chosen according to your hair type and the proper treatment.

1st step – Heal the scalp

Hair health begins with the scalp, which we often weigh down with accumulations of impurities and styling products. To clean it as much as possible, use a hair scrub once a week. It not only cleanses the scalp but also improves its blood circulation.

2. step -Wash your hair properly

If the hair is very oily, color hair with a dry scalp, then use the right shampoo with lukewarm water. Too much-boiled water can irritate your skin and cause your skin damage. Massage your hair with shampoo from the tip to the roots.

Hair Care Write For Us

3. step – Nourish and moisturize the hair

The conditioner closes the structure and smoothes the surface of the hair. Once or twice a week, also use the mask for intense hair regeneration. The leave-in treatment is a must! Serums on the ends of the hair, hair oils or hair straightening creams serve as both a supplementary treatment and a lifeline. Apply to washed, towel-dried hair.

4th step – Combing your hair

Don’t forget to comb your hair before washing your hair. When you shampoo, gently rub your hair upright, and finally, squeeze the excess water carefully out of your hair. Wet hair tends to get damaged more easily when combing it, so let it dry before brushing it. If your hair gets tangled easily, apply hair detangler spray first.

5th step – Protect hair from heat

Before picking up the straightener or hairdryer, apply a heat-protective cream or spray over the entire length of the hair and prevent damage caused by heat treatment.

To reduce the risk of damage, choose the right appliance. The finer and more damaged your hair, the lower the temperature you should use.

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10 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair

Washing your hair may seem almost trivial, given that it is part of everyday life, but be careful: some tricks can make a difference. We have collected the ten most important tips to help you have healthy hair. Here they are.

Hair Care Write For Us

1. Massage

We take this mechanism for granted, even if we unconsciously do it when we brush, wash, or towel dries our hair. We also advise you, in your spare time, to go and massage your scalp. This action increases circulation in the scalp and brings minerals and vitamins essential for hair growth and well-being.

2. Do not wash too frequently or infrequently

Normally 2/3 shampoos a week are recommended. It all depends on the type of scalp, but cleaning them too continually can weaken them, while too rarely will cause excessive sebum to accumulate in the scalp and therefore weigh them down and block circulation.

3. Choose the most suitable Shampoo

We advise you to choose the shampoos that are best for your hair, and in this choice, we at the Santrovaso Pharmacy can advise you in a targeted manner and with a detailed analysis of the hair and scalp.

4. Do not use too much Shampoo

A little product will be enough for you, especially if you choose the more concentrated and therefore more performing ones. Therefore, use the amount needed to wash the scalp. Everything that will create foam, however pleasant it is, is all product that is wasted.

5. Use the Recommended Shampoo on the Scalp

Let’s skip the tips. The vital part of the hair is the one attached to the scalp. Therefore, if we use only a tiny amount of shampoo on that area, we will do an excellent wash, which will be sufficient to rinse and wash the product away to cleanse the ends.

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6. Use masks, Conditioners and Rinse-off Products

In the end, you can benefit from using masks, conditioners and rinse-off products. It repairs the damage and reduces the volume, adjusting the swell and dryness.  You can aim for beautiful hair with a natural lustre if you use it more and more.

Hair Care Write For Us

7. Rinse well

When you rinse well, you eliminate everything that can weigh down the scalp and leave traces that will get dirty much faster. When you go to rinse, it will be essential to eliminate all traces present.

8. How many Passes do to Wash?

There are two passes to give. The first quicker thing you need to do is to remove the coarse dirt. Second, you should leave it on for a few more minutes, primarily if you use treatment products.

9. Protect Hair from the Sun

It is true, especially in the hottest season, when the sun damages hair fibre. Just like the skin, the scalp must be protected!

10. A healthy and Balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet will certainly benefit your hair growth. Plus, some supplements may support what the power supply can’t.

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