Description of Beauty is associate with Natural. It is a subjective assessment what is beautiful for one person may not be for another.

Types Of Beauty

Natural beauty

This is a type of beauty that stands out precisely for its condition of being natural. Artificial elements that can help people be more beautiful are not use to achieve it.

Each region of the world has its stereotype of what is beautiful or not. It is one of the most praise beauties and considering a gift since not everyone has it. Natural beauty is so sought after that even later. The resources used to simulate seek to imitate it.

In This current times, is one of the most profitable businesses. This is a prevalent type of beauty today. People turn to elements, tools or procedures that greatly help the way people look externally. Most people want to look Smart even if they are not as naturally graceful as they consider. If they are already Smart in themselves, they help each other stand out even more.

External beauty

It represents the physique of people. This  is exposing to the eyes of others. Nowadays, it is essential to take care of it and know how to wear it for many people, especially those who exhibit it in public.

In turn, can occur naturally or with the help of artificial resources.

Inner beauty

It  is considering the essential beauty that a person can possess. This reveals your essence as a person and not only what you see physically.

And reflects essential elements of a person, such as their morals, values, and feelings. These and other aspects can even classify him as a good person or a wrong person in society.

Intellectual Beauty

This is a type of beauty that alludes to the intellectual capacities that a person may have and how they show it to the world. Even when looking for partners, some people are more interest in finding a person with intellectual beauty than someone else.

Idealized Beauty

It defines how human beings see their love ones. This is regardless of how they look physically or how they are inside.

Affection or love makes your love ones the most Adorable of all. The way a mother sees her children, for a mother, they will always be the most regardless of their features. This happens much more in two exceptional cases.

This happens in the same way with a couple in love. They idealize each other equally, seeing the beauty of their partner, even if others do not see it as they do.

Artificial Beauty

Artificial Beauty

That is extra to people. That is, they were not born with it. For our study, we have to define plastic surgery as artificial beauty, as these procedures involve permanent synthetic changes to the body. “Natural beauty,” on the other hand, refers to the absence of plastic surgery and the exclusive use of cosmetic products.


The concept in philosophy

Since the origins of this branch of science, attempts have been made to establish a stable definition of what beauty means, and two firmly mark lines have been obtaining. One affirms that it is a subjective concept, subject to the experiences and ideas of each individual in particular, and the other recognizes it as something standardized and firm, which response to a series of principles established as “normal”.

Within philosophy, determining  the Naturally and what is not is one of aesthetics’ central problems, and various thinkers have addressed this problem over the centuries. One of the first discussions on this topic dates back to the 5th century, when three different concepts of  were establishing ideal (which was base on the composition of the parts), spiritual Adaro (the reflection of the soul that can be seen through the gaze) and functional beauty (according to their functionality.

Sensory manifestation and conceptual elements

The conception of beauty can vary between different cultures and change over the years. It  produces pleasure from sensory manifestations and can be felt by sight (for example, a person considering attractive from a physical point of view) or by hearing (listening to a pleasant voice or music). Smell, taste and touch, on the other hand, are not relating to this part.


It is a subjective assessment. What is  for one person may not be for another. However, in general, specific characteristics that society considers attractive, desirable and beautiful areas are known as the canon of beauty.

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