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Contact Lenses Write For Us

Contact Lenses Write For Us

Contact Lenses Write For Us

Millions of people worldwide use contact lenses, but just one carelessness can cause danger to their precious eyes. One-third of people in the United States alone may suffer from at least one treatable eye condition by wearing contact lenses. Includes pain and its heading.

Many people who use contact lenses do not know what precautions are necessary and how to protect the lenses

Experts say that even one of these can increase the risk of eye infections by five times.

Before touching contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap (preferably antiseptic soap) and dry your hands and wear contact lenses

Getting the first contact lenses feels like a fantastic upgrade for spectacle wearers. You can see the world more evidently, and you will love it too! Lenses can easily fit into the eyes and allow you to perform many tasks that can be uncomfortable in the lens, such as exercising, etc.

Risks Of Wearing Contact Lenses

There are many types of contact lenses, all of which are considered relatively safe. But rarely, it can lead to severe problems. And since more than 45 million people worldwide wear contact lenses, the risk of infecting even 1% of consumers could reach thousands of affected people. 

The most common concerns and situations regarding wearing contact lenses are:

Irritation or pain in the eyes

Swelling around the eye

Blurred or light sensitivity

Conjunctivitis (“pink eye”)

Corneal ulcer (injury to the smooth, clean front of the eye)

Inflammation of the cornea due to infection, which is termed Infectious keratitis

Although minor irritations may go away on their own within a day or two, stop wearing your lenses in case of discomfort and call an eye doctor if you have severe or persistent symptoms. In general, Cliff’s case requires a diagnosis by an ophthalmologist.

Precautions For Using Contact Lenses

Unless you use specially approved lenses for overnight wear, you should not sleep in them.

Ask your eye doctor which contact lens liquid you should use and only follow the doctor’s advice. Please keep them in a cool place.

It is obligatory to wash your hands before touching your contact lenses.

Please don’t put your contacts in your mouth or spit on them (some people do, especially with hard lenses).

Do not allow hand cream or make-up to come in contact with your lenses. Apply your lenses before applying make-up, and remove your contacts before removing your make-up.

Keep your lens case clean and dry between uses, and get a new one at least every few months.

Don’t overuse your contacts. Change your lenses as recommended, whether daily, weekly, or directed by your eye doctor.

Consult the doctor and get your eyes checked at least once a year.

If you notice problems with redness or pain in your eyes or changes in vision, remove your lenses immediately and tell your eye doctor.

If you still have severe problems with your lenses after taking good care of them, you must use them again only after consulting a doctor.

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