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CoolSculpting Write For Us

CoolSculpting Write For Us 

The most recent advancement in fat elimination is CoolSculpting. This noninvasive technique is steadily growing in popularity, especially with the benefit of no downtime or discomfort. The Food and Drug Administration approved CoolSculpting in 2010, deeming it a safe method for eliminating fatty tissue.

The idea to use Cryolipolysis (freezing fatty tissue) first came from two Harvard dermatologists. Studies had previously shown that given popsicles for pain relief during teething, toddlers were left with permanent dimples where their cheek fat had frozen. The physicians knew they were on to something and began doing extensive research on freezing fat cells. Their studies showed that freezing these cells consistently recorded an average of 20-25 per cent fat removal.

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How CoolSculpting Works?

Performed in a comfortable, in-office treatment room, CoolSculpting takes only one hour per area. To begin, a clear gel pad is placed along the treatment area, protecting the skin. Next, the CoolSculpting applicator is placed along with the same size. The fatty tissue is then vacuumed inside the applicator, sandwiched between two cooling panels.

The temperature of the cooling tops slowly drops, naturally numbing the area. As the cooling occurs, the area’s fat cells are frozen. However, the healthy skin, muscles, and nerves are not affected by the temperature change. Once the CoolSculpting applicator has been in place for 60 minutes, it is removed. The practitioner will typically give the treatment area a gentle massage to break up as many fat cells as possible. The frozen fat cells will die off over the following two to four months. They are then slowly eliminated from the body.

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