From the French model, a fashion is used or custom in vogue in a specific region during a particular period. It is a trend adopt  by a large part of society, generally associate with clothing

Fashion can be define  as a mechanism that regulates people’s choices since, through a kind of social pressure. It tells people what they should consume, use or do. Fashion becomes a repetitive habit that identifies a subject or a group of individuals.

It can be reflecting  in particular objects or noticeable aspects (clothes, hairstyles, etc.) and ways of acting and behaviour, (listening to a style of music, going to a specific restaurant, going on vacation to a particular destination).

Concept of Fashion

In this way, it is common for two terms to be use more colloquially. Thus, on the one hand, we come across the verbal phrase “being in fashion”. Which says that a type of clothing, hairstyle or way of acting has prevailed at that time and is style by many people.

On the other hand, there would be another opposite of locution: “go out of style”. It tries to express the opposite. That is to say, it is transmit  that any garment, a type of accessory or even makeup or hairstyle has already become obsolete.

Celebrities and fashion

Celebrities and fashion

In general, celebrities are the ones who force fashion. If a Hollywood star shows up at an event in a pink dress. Millions of women will likely want to buy and wear the same clothing. In this way, the trend that becomes fashion is built little by little.

Among the cases of celebrities who have most influencing  the rest of the population in terms of clothing or hairstyles would be Marilyn Monroe, Jacky Kennedy, Jennifer Aniston and even Madonna.

In the case of men, in addition to actors and singers, soccer players also force a lot of fashion, who have become authentic icons, to imitate. Thus, for example, it is expecting  that when athletes of the stature of  get a new haircut or start wearing a type of sunglasses, many are the gentlemen who also decide to bet on that same style.

The clothing design

Fashion is usually associate  with what has to do with the design of clothes and clothing. It is common to refer to this sector as the fashion industry, even though few designers are capable of imposing a style.

Even though affiliation to a fashion is voluntary, people who prefer not to follow these mandates are separate  from society in a certain way. Wearing something out of style is frown upon and can be criticizing  or ridicul.

Fashion Importance

When we talk about fashion, we can define it as a social and cultural phenomenon that establishes certain specific parameters of clothing that become popular. Much more than the combination of  colours and designs. Fashion’s importance makes it the centre of attention in society. Men and women permanently adopt a total change of style with the sole purpose of being accepting  by the social group to which they want to belong.

Generally, fashion has to do with a specific time, with characteristics of clothing that cease to be valid in a very brief time. The dress became popular, and consumption was massive, being accepting  by the majority of society. We can say that the importance of fashion lies in the fact that it represents a form of expression of culture at a particular historical moment, that is, in a specific spatial, temporal and social context.

However, each style is different, and what is fantastic for some is not suitable for others. It has also been said that “fashion is made for those with no personality “.

History of fashion: origin and evolution over time

Fashion is changing the attention of our way of being and the times we live. As a term, it has several meanings. It can refer to society’s uses, tastes, and customs at a given time and place. It encompasses the art and industry of clothing. The manufacture of clothing, and its various accessories and complements in a more restrict  sense.

The clothing appears with the need to protect themselves from the cold with the skinsof the animals they hunting . The man already knew how to spin and weave, but his clothes still did not adapt to the body. Although some already had ornamental drawings.


As it is currently understood, the concept of fashion emerg  in the Renaissance, thus, sewing professionals . Appear to strive to create original suits with bright colours and imaginative shapes. Giving great importance to the sleeves, the folds, and the fabric’s falls.

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