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Facial – What is it? Concept of Facial, Treatment, and More


What is a Facial?

Facials are a skin analysis, following  by skin cleansing methods, steam, exfoliation, pore-cleansing extractions, a facial massage. A custom mask for your skin type, and a moisturizing lotion for Healthy Skin. However, a person struggles with acne, suffers from a dull complexion, or is coping with a simple skin problem. Regular facials can help address these issues. However, the concept of facial treatment is a set of elements or means used to improve facial skincare. A facial is a skin treatment that will enhance the quality of the skin.

Concept of Facial

The word facial comes in its etymology from the Latin “facials”, Integrate the word by the noun “facies”, which translates as “face” or “face”. And the suffix “al”, which indicates that it is “relative to”. The facial then is everything referred to or related to the face.

In several cases, the facial expression is what our face communicates in terms of emotions or moods through gestures, sometimes it is unnecessary to say a word to realize this. If the person in front of us likes to see us or what we said or did, the expression is smiling. Whenever,  it will show us approval, but it will manifest anger or annoyance if he frowns. If his mouth opens, it will reveal his astonishment, and if he winks an eye, it will be an accomplice gesture.

Cleansing and Massage

Facial cleansing is done for cosmetic purposes to preserve the freshness of facial skin, However who use makeup should do it daily before bed to remove it. But you can also do a deep facial cleansing to remove impurities, blackheads, and pimples.

We can do the latter with natural products or resort to products preparing  in the laboratory, it can be done in our homes or special centres, where professional cosmetologists apply them. Example: “I had a facial at a beauty centre, and my skin was bright and rejuvenated.”

Facial massage is a natural therapy technique to oxygenate tissues, improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and delay ageing and the appearance of wrinkles.

Facial paralysis is a pathology that presents as a symptom that the individual cannot move the muscles of a part of the face due to brain or facial nerve damage; It can be central or peripheral. In the first case, only the powers of the mouth and cheek on the opposite side from where the injury occurs are affects. In the peripheral, it appears on the same side as the lesion and affects one entire side of the face.

Facial Treatment

Ultrasonic peeling

This professional device for facial treatments has a surgical steel spatula that destroys its most superficial layers by transmitting waves towards the skin, reactivating collagen in the deepest ones.

In this way, it manages to eliminate impurities, blackheads, and dirt and improve the elasticity of the face, reducing wrinkles and giving it greater luminosity.

High Frequency

Facial treatment through massages carry out on the dermis with a high-frequency variable current glass electrode is used to accelerate blood circulation, stimulate glandular activity. However, eliminate bacteria and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients.

Led Mask

This face and neck LED light mask is design for performing phototherapy treatments both from the sofa at home and in the beauty salon.

Through the seven colours of light of the mask, it manages to carry out changing.  Facial treatments combating acne, sagging, wrinkles, dryness, spots or luminosity, among other common conditions.


This minimally invasive procedure is perfect for cleansing the skin. As it repeats the superficial layers of the epidermis and removes dead cells through mechanical peeling. Whenever ,gently exfoliating the skin, which will allow the easy penetration of other active ingredients that will improve appearance and health. of the face


FACIAL HYGIENE is necessary for the face; all skins older than TWENTY-FIVE years should have their skin cleaning periodically.

However, facial hygiene helps deep cleanse, rejuvenate the skin, and give it a younger and brighter appearance. But to get all the benefits, you need to know what type of cleaning is best for you. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the different types of facial treatments.

However, Facial care is a day-to-day task but undergoing special treatment. At the beauty centre from time to time can help us improve the general condition of our skin or fix minor damage.


It is the most straightforward hygiene, indicate for young skin without alterations.

We tell you its step by step:

Skin Cleansing

A double cleaning of the face, eyes, neck and décolletage is carry out. The skin is preparing for the facial.


However, exfoliation is performing  with products that remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. However ,Different types of exfoliants can be use(scrub, enzyme peeling, acids)


Whenever, unwanted impurities, blackheads, and millions are extract ,the skin was knowingly .It need alter with care and skill not to leave marks. Everything can be removing  without damaging the skin.

High Frequency

High frequency is a type of electrical current with very beneficial properties for the skin. (Generates an increase in heat in the skin. It increases blood flow and tissue oxygenation), it has disinfectant, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and tissue-stimulating effects. It closes the pore and speeds up its recovery.


Facials can give a clean and bright complexion and remove dirt and blackheads and help tone and brighten the skin.

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