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Buckets Spades Men’s Fashion Design And Lifestyle Blog

Buckets Spades Men's Fashion Design And Lifestyle Blog

Buckets Spades Men’s Fashion Design And Lifestyle Blog – Buckets spades men’s fashion design and lifestyle blog is a fashion blog site about clothing sense and men fashion. Basically, the Buckets and spades blog is about sharing designs, creative ideas, and men’s wear styles. And also, Buckets spades are fashion, design and lifestyle blogs.

All in all, they started the blog in 2008 to store inspiring images and inspiration they found. And then, it started growing then, and now it is a visual diary of all its collections.

Basically, it is based in Lancashire, London and beyond. Moreover, the owner of this blog is a person named Matt Bucket, and Nick, Yasumi and Hollie help him maintain his blog.

All About Matt Bucket – The Creator And Owner

Matt Bucket is an enthusiastic and hard-working chap with a positive outlook. He says, “I am a full-time content creator and freelance writer within the men’s lifestyle, travel and design industry.”

Moreover, He says, “I Love getting stuck and am always keen to try my hand at new things and make new real-life connections. My main interests are Men’s Style, Travel Photography, Packaging & Graphic Design, Styling and Creative Writing.”

He also says, “I’ve been working in the Men’s Lifestyle + Fashion industry for 10+ years — currently looking for opportunities within the creative industry.”

He invites comments by saying,” Please do reach out if you have any ideas you’d like to explore, bounce some ideas off, make a new connection or fancy chatting over coffee.”

Specialities of the blog are Menswear, Lifestyle Photography, City Guides, Social Media, Design, Blogging + Writing, Packaging Design and Styling.

Buckets And Spades Men’s Fashion Design And Lifestyle Blog

Matthew Pike is the editor of buckets spades, a men’s style design lifestyle blog and freelance writer creative in the men’s lifestyle industry. The blog covers style, travel, packaging, beer, graphic design and other creative ideas.

It is menswear, design and creative blog with contributions from friends Hollie, Nik and Yasumi. Menswear, photography, product, graphic design You’ll discover carefully curated showcases of outfit ideas styled by Matt, including beautiful descriptions of key items worn. Touch device users explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

Matthew spade’s virtual diary, buckets & spades, is a hub for all things design, menswear and. The lifestyle blog run by Gurj Sohanpal documents the best in style whilst hiking in hong kong or staying local in London during the lockdown. Touch device users can explore by touch or with a swipe. Matthew’s virtual diary buckets spades is a hub for all things design menswear and creativity. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures.

Buckets & spades are a fashion, design and lifestyle blog by Matthew spade. He also shares some of the UK’s latest independent brands on his must-follow Instagram. The blog covers style, travel, packaging, beer, graphic design and other creative ideas. Urban outfitters menswear press day.

Recent Work Of Buckets And Spades Men’s Fashion Design And Lifestyle Blog

One thing that has kept him busy over the past few months is working on getting some prints ready. It’s somewhat he has thought about doing for a while, and after a fair few regular requests via Instagram, He finally got his act in gear and set up a super basic shop on Etsy.

Since July, he has shipped 50+ orders to all parts of the world, from Malibu, CA, to a small coastal village in Australia. It seems folks are enjoying them in Scandinavia, too, with most international orders going to Denmark. Crazy.

They currently have five prints available; three cars, One “Shopping Trollies in Orlando”, and one of Hollie’s It’s a Love Story” prints. They have plans to add a handful more in the run-up to Christmas. Each print has been featured on his Instagram account, so it’s lovely to see them in other people’s homes.

Contact With Buckets And Spades

You can contact the Bucket And Spades Fashion And Lifestyle Blog if you want to get them via social media.







Linkedin: MathewJamesPike

Buckets And Spades Blog Income And Partnerships

Buckets And Spades sometimes use affiliate sponsored links on their men’s fashion and lifestyle blog. The content that has been supported will be clearly labelled below the article. Any gifted items will also be marked as c/o for the first feature, with the company credited.

These things help in keeping the upcoming of the blog.

Buckets And Spades make about $20,000 every month through these affiliate sponsorships. Without this, they may not be able to upkeep or run the blog.

They have also collaborated with well-known brands and companies with ASOS on their tour Ireland campaign. It was also Panasonic Lumix UK Brand Ambassador in 2015.

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