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Nail Art – About, Shapes, Its Decoration, and More

Nail Art

Nail Art- Need to know About.

Nail Art -most likely, by now, you have already heard something about Nail Art, one of the latest trends in women’s fashion that consists of making true works of art on the nails using different enamels of all colors to capture different designs Faces, leaves, flowers, animals, jewels, etc.

The truth is that Nail Art has been around for a few years in countries like Japan (where it was happening in the 90s). Still, the whole phenomenon was unleashes worldwide when she uploaded a photo of her nails with Nail Art on her Twitter account, where you could see images of his ex-partner Rusell Brand.

As I mention before, the designs can be on almost any subject, from lines and references to works of art, series or movie motifs, original alignments, or even brand logos. When you see someone decorating nails, you will notice that each design depends on the tastes of each person and the inspiration they have.

It has become an accessory that cannot be miss in major fashion events, such as New York Fashion Week and other events of the same size.

Nail Art and Its Shapes

There are many ways to file nails beyond round or square. And some, although they had not been use for a long time, are now in full trends, like the stiletto (my favorite).

We bring together the main nail shapes and explain which ones best suit each type of hand, finger, and person. And highlight which ones are more fragile in addition to reviewing the most fashionable ones right now.


Straight-shapes nails, with a filling  tip and a square finish, stylize the hands a lot and can be worn in different lengths. It is one of the most practical ways and less likely to break.

Square With Round Edges

The most common. The best to avoid ingrown nails. They look good in all lengths and can adapt without problems to many styles. And very flattering for hands with thin fingers.


Nails filed in a round shape are usually kept short and are very easy. They expressly favor thin fingers. And they are perfect for short fingers, chubby and tiny hands.


This finish is exquisite, as it is one of the most classic. Perfect for not very long nails and the second in order of comfort. And it suits any hand. But especially those with tiny nails.


An increasingly common style stands out for having a great touch and making the fingers longer. It is a land of long nails, above all. They feel good in small and delicate hands. And frequent in gel and acrylic manicures. (Last year, they were very fashionable.)


The trend that has resurfaced this year is that they are always long and exaggerated but very showy. They look good on thin and thick fingers, stylizing a lot. They are the ones that Rosalía usually wears. The longer, the less comfortable. A lighter version would consist of rounding the tip, and they are infinitely better achieved with acrylic or gel.

Mountain peak

A shorter, more comfortable version of the stilleto. It is recommended for thin fingers because they give the feeling that they widen a little.

ballerina or aloud

One of the most complicated ways to make and maintain. It is characterized by having a cut cone finish. They are fragile but allow different lengths. And they favor big hands.


It is a very unusual shape because it is fills at an angle. Consequently, they are fragile. And although they look good in different lengths, we advise against them on thick fingers and hands.

fan or bell

This design of nail finishing that is wider at the tip is not very common. It is sometimes used for people with tiny nails because they have been bitten for a long time to make them look bigger.


A point more exaggerated than the stiletto is the arrowheads. It is filled so that the tip has two edges that form an angle with the sides of the nail. It is one of the most uncomfortable shapes, but it gives good results in all hands.


Lastly, there is the edge shape. It would be an exaggeration of the arrowhead nails, designed to be done in a longer format and combining the stiletto and the arrowhead. Like these, it is one of the most uncomfortable and fragile, but it is suitable for all types of fingers and hands because it stylizes a lot. Of course, it is one of the riskiest in terms of fashion since it is not very common.

Nail Art – Decoration

Due to ignorance or bad habits, we have often learning to paint our nails inaccurately. Painting your nails has a technique, and you have to perfect it. Otherwise, there would be no professionals. Because when we go to the beauty salon, our nails look perfect.

The guide to the perfect manicure with the technique use by professionals.

1- The first step consists of placing a generous drop of nail polish at the base of the nail and carefully approaching it to the cuticle without touching it.

2- Then, we will spread the nail polish down the middle of the nail until we reach the edge.

3- We quickly border the nail with the brush, following its natural shape on both sides first one and then the other. However, we can take some quick passes to match it above, it should not take a long time because if it takes the enamel dries and then it becomes impossible to extend it.

4- Finally, carefully apply a little nail polish to the tip, following the shape of the edge. This is done primarily with the topcoat since sealing the edge of the nails . However, with the lacquer will make our manicure last much longer and will not chip off the tip, which is the part of the nail that is most sharp knocks and scratches.

What is fashionable in nails?

Another leg of the natural manicures that are a trend in 2021 (and that do not enslave) is the nails in slightly pink-beige tones. And a milky appearance, it  viral milky nails that promise to lengthen the hands visually (they are translucent whitish and pink tones with a lifting effect) are making a big splash.

These nails are perfect for decorating in a thousand ways, for example, with shiny stones, flowers, abstract drawings, metallic, or whatever comes to mind. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

As women, we are lovers of nail decoration, and it is that we are always in search of new options that help us look better or have fun with friends, developing new, intricate, and modern ideas.

For this reason, one of the options that we can consider is decorating acrylic or gel nails, which we can even do ourselves at home, with a little prior practice.


This trend has started to spread rapidly around the world, in addition to the fact that a large number of celebrities and bloggers have shared awe-inspiring designs. It help this fashion continue to grow and reach the hands of aesthetic experts, designers, artists, technique teachers, and even big brands, becoming a tremendous artistic and fashion trend.

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