The word bodybuilding comes from French. In France in the 18th and 19th centuries, the birth of a sports discipline took place whose purpose was aesthetics, a term that directly connects with physical culture.

History – Bodybuilding

The term “bodybuilding” can be defined as programmed training with resistance to achieve muscle hypertrophy or the practice of physical exercise with weights for muscle growth.

Different reasons made man worship the body forever, and for centuries he used bodybuilding techniques to develop strength and use later in his daily life. Man has needed more than his physical abilities to survive. Among the skills, power has been the most valued and necessary.

Physical strength

The specialists assure that it is unnecessary to carry heavy weights or exaggerate physical activity when practising bodybuilding. On the contrary, they recommend frequency in the exercise.

“The stones, at least, specify physical strength and strong men.”

Although, without a doubt, the first antecedent of the bodybuilding ideal, the training of the human body is evidence. It can give us tremendous energy when facing a good workout and various crucial vitamins for muscle regeneration.

What benefits does bodybuilding have?

The main benefits of bodybuilding

Improve body posture

The practice of bodybuilding strengthens the muscles of the back, improving posture and reducing pain in the spine, for example

Decrease the amount of fat

When bodybuilding is practiced regularly, intensely and accompanied by a healthy diet, the body begins to burn more fat and increase muscle mass, accelerating the metabolism and favouring caloric expenditure even when sitting still

Tones the muscles

Muscle toning is one of the visible results of practising bodybuilding. The loss of fat produces this increase in muscle mass and the strengthening of the muscles that, in addition to promoting the increase in strength, allows the elimination of cellulite, for example.

However, for the muscles to be firmer, it is necessary to have good hydration and a balanced diet

Combat emotional problems

Bodybuilding is an excellent option to relieve stress since it promotes the release of endorphins, which are responsible for feeling well-being, reducing anxiety symptoms, and even helping to combat depression. Learn more about how to increase the production and release of endorphins.

Increases bone density

Bodybuilding increases bone density; that is, it makes bones more resistant, reducing the chances of fracture and the development of osteoporosis, which is common in older adults and women in menopause. However, for bones to get stronger, bodybuilding needs to be accompanied by a healthy, balanced diet of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Lowers the risk of diabetes

Bodybuilding can reduce the risk of diabetes since the body begins to use circulating glucose as an energy source and the sugar that is increased in the blood starts to be stored in the form of glycogen, which is used in other metabolic processes, for example. It is the best-selling supplement because few people have time to prepare four or five food bowls every day

Improves cardiorespiratory conditioning

The more intense the exercise, the more complex the heart will work, ensuring more significant cardiac and respiratory movement. In this way, blood pressure is regulated, and consequently, the risks of heart disease, such as atherosclerosis, decrease.

Bodybuilder – Foods That Will Help You

A fundamental part when it comes to gaining muscle mass is eating correctly. We tell you what foods you should prioritize to complete your goal

Fish and shellfish. You will make sure to eat foods rich in protein and low in fat, probably with less fat than meat and with omega-three essential fatty acids, whose functions are compulsory for the proper functioning of our cardiovascular system. Tuna, salmon, hake…there is plenty to choose from, and they are also very healthy foods.

Bodybuilder – Gain Lean Muscle


Lean meats of any kind. Chicken, beef, turkey, you have plenty of options. A good amount of quality protein is always essential to gaining muscle mass. Always choose lean cuts of beef or pork, and sidestep sausages that are too greasy.

Yes, that myth that we can only eat seven eggs a week is finishing. They won’t raise your cholesterol or harm your health, as the yolks contain many vitamins and minerals. The quality of egg protein is very high due to its biological value, so don’t cut yourself and consume as many as you think necessary in your diet.


The practice of bodybuilding can be seen only as a way to increase muscle mass. However, this type of physical activity has many benefits, even being able to treat depression, for example. In addition, bodybuilding improves cardiorespiratory conditioning, increases bone density, and promotes physical improvement.

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