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Various factors and conditions can cause white spots to appear on the skin. Often referred to as leukoderma, these discolored patches are typically whiter than the surrounding skin tone. They may arise due to a lack of pigment cells known as melanin. Medical issues linked to white spots include tinea versicolor, a common fungal infection causing scaly whitish lesions on the chest, back, or neck.

Vitiligo causes depigmentation in some areas from an autoimmune response, while pityriasis alba results in temporary pale patches on children’s faces. Stress, eczema, or hormonal changes can sometimes trigger white spots to develop temporarily. Consulting a dermatologist can determine the root cause and best treatment, whether antifungal creams, prescription gels, or protecting spots from UV light. Addressing underlying skin concerns usually helps white spots resolve independently over time.

Causes of White Spots

Tinea versicolor – A fungal infection that causes scaly and small white patches on the upper chest, back, or arms.

Vitiligo – An autoimmune condition where melanin pigment cells in the skin are destroyed, leading to irregular white patches.

Pityriasis alba – A common, temporary condition in children that causes flat, white patches on the face.

Psoriasis – White scales can develop on reddened skin patches caused by this chronic inflammatory disease.

Pityriasis rosea – Virus suspected to cause a single large pink spot surrounded by smaller satellite lesions.

Tinea corporis (ringworm) – Fungal infection that can manifest as scaly patches with raised borders.

Trauma or injury – Scarring or damage to the skin from wounds, burns, scratches, blisters, etc.

Eczema – Temporary white patches may appear on inflamed, irritated eczema skin.

Stress – Psychological tension can sometimes cause skin to lose pigment temporarily.

Aging – Normal pigment fadess with time leading to white or hypopigmented patches on sun-exposed areas.

Medication – Some prescription drugs are known to depigment skin as a side effect.

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