Overcome Overeating – Everyone enjoys eating and eating sweets, but overeating increases weight. Here are tips to overcome the desire to eat sweets as follows:

Some Tips to Overcome Overeating

Willpower can often not overcome the natural desire to eat in general and eat carbohydrates (sugars) in particular. Sometimes, due to a decrease in serotonin values in the brain, it is recommended to take compound sugars.

If the wave of an extreme rush to eat candy is not due to a real sense of hunger, it usually disappears within 10 to 15 minutes, if at this time we are busy in another activity (thinking about eating shifts).

Eating spices such as cinnamon or vanilla reduce the consumption of simple sugars (sweets) because the taste glands in the mouth distinguish these spices as sweets. However, they do not contain calories such as simple sugars.

Drinking hot drinks (soup): also reduces appetite for sweets.

Taking sweets out of the house when they do not exist, their consumption decreases significantly – changing the external environment.

Put an End to Overeating

To succeed in the long term in weight reduction and to overcome overeating.

To reduce overeating and the desire to eat sweets, you must work on internal changes, including changing habits and making new habits healthier.

Clarify the circumstances in which you tend to eat sweets.

Clarify the feelings associated with eating candy.

Dr. check how hungry you are when you want to eat candy and when we last ate.

Check and check the expectations for the weight reduction process. (the expectations must be realistic for the weight reduction process.)

Social conditioning leads to excessive eating of this type of food and learning practical ways to deal with it properly.

It should be remembered that eating sweets causes increased insulin, leading to lower blood glucose (sugar), and the result is an increased desire to eat more sweets.

Physical activity increases endorphins in the brain, improves the overall feeling and reduces the desire to eat sweets.

Humans are prepared to enjoy eating and eat sweets reasonably from time to time.

Controlling this pleasure for an extended period of time leads to anxiety and despair. In some cases, it is recommended to use the advice of a gastroenterologist, and many traditional medications prevent or reduce the desire to eat sweets.

Don’t Rely on Exercise without Dieting

One of the most vital reasons for weight stability and non-descent is the balance between diet and sports.

Lack of calories is significant for weight loss, which you can do through exercise.

Experts found that without adequate changes in the diet, exercise alone is unlikely to result in significant weight loss.

Consume Enough Protein

Protein is one of the essential nutrients that help lose weight, and its importance lies in dipping the desire to eat or eat snacks, so not eating protein enough is a reason for weight stability and non-decline.

The benefit of Proteins is that they significantly impact appetite-regulating hormones, such as Ghrelin and other hormones.