Threading –  Definition, Procedure, Types and More


Threading is not a very complex task, although it requires precision. The threader must have good eyesight and control his hand to fit the thread precisely into the small opening. One of the most popular techniques to facilitate the act of threading is to wet the end of the line. The cable, in this way, becomes stiffer and finer. You can also use a threader to simplify the process.

Threading – Procedure

Threading is a hair removal method that dates back to ancient times. Very common in the Middle East and India, threading is becoming more popular in Western countries. The technique involves removing body hair at the root using a cotton thread. This type of hair removal is called white in Arabic and fatwah in Egyptian.

Facial hair removal is the most common threading use, especially for trimming and shaping eyebrows. With this technique, you can also remove hair from the chin, cheeks, sideburns and upper lips. During the procedure, the technician wraps a long piece of thread around the hairs intend for removal and twists them very quickly to pull the hairs out by the roots. The practitioner typically holds one end of the rope in one hand and the other in their mouth while using the free hand to grasp and pull out the hairs.

Threading – Types of Eyebrow

Straight Eyebrows: They are shape like a line with an arc that is not pronounced so that the ends and the commissure are almost at the same level. With them, the face looks more oval and shorter.

Curved eyebrows: Show half circumference and encircle the entire eye. They are usually elongated and populated.

Marked eyebrows: It is said that significant or pointing eyebrows show a more severe and mysterious look. These eyebrows offer an ascending line at the eyebrow’s midpoint, enhancing the look.

Arched Eyebrows: With a fairly pronounced shape, these types of eyebrows lengthen the face and refine it. This eyebrow shape softens compelling features.

Short Eyebrows: These eyebrows show smaller and less expressive eyes. The ideal is to slightly arch the eyebrow and lengthen it at the outer ends with the help of the eyebrow pencil.

Thin Eyebrows: Thin eyebrows are becoming less and less. The ideal is to show a populate eyebrow as naturally as possible. If you over-plucked your eyebrows at the time and now your hair doesn’t grow anymore, try to take care of them by showing the proper curved shape and then fill them in and slightly increase them with the help of an eyebrow pencil. Then fix them. Everything has a solution.

Threading Benefits

The benefits of threading include cost, speed, ease, and cleanliness. Prices vary from salon to salon, but eyebrow threading can cost as little as a simple haircut. An expert can complete an entire brow session in about five minutes, which is less time than it takes to apply the wax use for brow plucking. Session times can be longer for different sections of hair, but threading tends to be faster than other hair removal techniques.

Fans say that this procedure is less painful than other hair removal methods. However, the process is not always painless, and the sensation can be compares to plucking. Some people experience mild swelling, redness, or itching in the affecting  area, but this usually goes away within 15 to 20 minutes.

Perfect Eyebrows: All The Tricks And Techniques To Get Them

Large perfectly waxen and made up. Eyebrows have become an essential element of your face. And that is why we tell you the best techniques to get them perfect.

Eyebrows have evolving  over the years. From extreme hair removal, almost invisible like the one that was worn between the 80s and 90s, to the forceful, prominent and made-up eyebrows that we wear today. Without a doubt, this part of the face has gain  the deserving prominence that it had lost. But we can’t always fix the crazy things we did years ago, and that’s when we rethink lasting solutions to improve them.

Eyebrow Makeup

Pencils for eyebrows, shadows, illuminators and a lot of skill. It is what it takes to have perfect eyebrows. And after all the tutorials that are seen on social networks and YouTube, anyone can get down to work to get excellent and very striking eyebrows.

But sometimes makeup is not enough, since it is lost when we remove makeup and wash our faces. That is why many women look for other, more lasting alternatives to recover the volume and thickness of their eyebrows.


Threading is the concept of corrective, rejuvenating, and illuminating designs. The well-drawn eyebrow (the one that your features demand) widens your gaze and lifts your eyelids. In short, it is the perfect complement so that your eyes have all the prominence they should have on the face.

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