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How To Take Care Of Curly Hair: Products For A Flawless Result

Take Care Of Curly Hair

Take Care Of Curly Hair – Do you want to know how to do it? Read our tips, and you will see that showing off a star hair will become simple, fast, and lasting!

How many times, looking in the mirror and contemplating your thick curly hair, have you admitted that you are fortunate but, at the same time, that you are dealing with delicate and difficult to manage hair?

Between frizz, short-lasting styling, split ends, and more than frequent knots, curly hair can cause many problems that could turn into real irreparable and permanent damage.

Fortunately, there are numerous solutions both regarding the precautions to be taken into consideration in treating them and the specific products to be used not only in the salon but also at home to obtain good results in the short and long term.

Curly Hair Care: Valuable Tips

Appearances often deceive: treating curly hair is not as difficult as you might think. On the contrary, your efforts will pay off in no time by paying due attention and putting some tips into practice! Here’s how you should behave for curly hair that’s always on top:

Curly Hair And Mistakes To Avoid

Along with the attention to be paid to your unruly hair, you should also avoid making some mistakes that are often made in a completely naive way:

It avoids too aggressive bleaching, as they can open and damage the hair fiber, which is a complete disadvantage for curly hair.

Let’s see together how to proceed with salon-proof hair care!

Curly Hair: Wellness And Styling In 5 Steps

On the one hand, the valuable tips and the mistakes to avoid: but what are, in practice, the best products for obtaining fairytale curly hair? Here is a roundup of proposals that you will no longer be able to do without!

1. Curly Care Shampoo For Curly Hair

The primary step to take is to wash your hair with a shampoo specially indicated for its curly nature: Curly Care Shampoo, based on Mediterranean citrus peel and olive leaves, is truly unbeatable!

With its application, you can give elasticity and lightness to your hair, fully protecting it from the frizz effect. Being free of SLS, allergens, and parabens, it can also be used on the most sensitive skins without incurring allergies and irritations.

Proceed like this:

  1. distribute the product in small doses on the hair and scalp;
  2. massage gently and rinse thoroughly;
  3. if necessary, repeat the operation before moving on to the next step.

2. Curly Care Conditioner For Curly Hair

Once the shampoo is finished, you can move on to applying the conditioner. To continue in the footsteps of the É Pura professional line, try the Curly Care Balm, always based on olive leaves and Mediterranean citrus peel!

You can apply it on natural curls and perms, obtaining immediate hydration, softness, and shine! Also, in this case, it is a product free of SLS, allergens, and parabens, highly tolerated by any skin, and able to keep the frizz away from your hair.

Follow these steps:

  1. apply the conditioner to the lengths;
  2. leave it on hair for 1 to 3 minutes;
  3. rinse thoroughly.

Even before drying, your hair will appear untangled and soft to the touch!

3. Curly Care Mask For Curly Hair

Do you want to achieve the best possible result? Then take a few minutes to try the Curly Care Mask, always belonging to the É Pura professional line! Made with avocado oil and pomegranate extract, it lends itself as a real intensive treatment for natural curls and perms.

The Curly Care Mask nourishes the hair fiber from the first application without weighing it down, giving the hair volume, elasticity, and lightness. You can also use it once a week because it does not contain ALS, allergens, and parabens. It will not cause any side effects!

You can alternate the conditioner (at the first wash) and the mask (at the second wash) to perform a complete moisturizing pack by performing two washes a week. Accordingly, after washing your hair with Curly Care shampoo, do the following

  1. apply a small amount of the mask to still-wet hair;
  2. distribute the product on all lengths with the help of a comb;
  3. leave on for a few minutes;
  4. rinse thoroughly to move on to the drying phase.

4. Complete Treatments For Curly Hair

As mentioned initially, curly hair is easily damaged and can often appear messy and poorly defined. If you are facing one of these two problems (or with both), you can evaluate complete treatments for curly hair to restore your hair’s beauty, strength, and vitality. Here are the best:

R * Curl System treatment for damaged curly hair

The first solution proposed is Curl Curl Hair Reconstruction Treatment by R * System, which is indicated to repair the most damaged hair and give them its original volume. Its objectives are: to repair micro-fractures, restore health and beauty to hair, improve damaged hair and split ends, provide brightness to the more opaque ones and give volume and support. Thanks to the formulation of its products based on keratin and collagen, all this is is exceptionally functional even at home!

The set includes shampoo, fluid, and a mask especially made to perform the treatment in 3 steps:

Apply Curl Moisturizing Reconstruction Curl Shampoo on damp hair and massage gently. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the operation;

Proceed with the Curl Reconstruction Fluid Curl, to be applied on the lengths and ends of single strands combed with a wide-toothed comb and left on under a heat source for about 10 minutes (you can use a helmet, a lamp, or a hairdryer ) or with a headset for 20 minutes. Emulsify with water and rinse carefully;

finish with the Curl and Thin Curl Reconstruction Mask, always on damp hair. Leave it on for some minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

Anti-frizz treatment for curly and wavy hair

The second solution lies in the Anti-Frizz Treatment We suggested saying goodbye to the hateful frizz effect! Mainly indicated for curly and thick hair, which needs hydration and nourishment, it is made with highly beneficial natural collagen oils :

The kit consists of 3 highly professional products ( shampoo, mask, and styling cream ) that you can use in 3 straightforward steps:

  1. wash your hair with the Nutrition and Anti-Frizz Shampoo and rinse thoroughly;
  2. apply the Nutrition and Anti-Frizz Mask on the hair, distributing it with an overall comb length and leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing;
  3. finish with the Anti-frizz Disciplining Styling Cream always on damp hair, trying to follow the natural shape of your curls

Curly Hair Styling Products

Once the drying is finished, here is the most exciting moment: styling your hair to show off at your most important events! Do you want your hairstyles to be firm and long-lasting? The professional Style line has everything you need to get the result you want:

Curly Model Cream

It is the most loved by influencers thanks to its light and creamy texture and its extraordinary ability to make curls more flexible and elastic and, at the same time, nourished and hydrated. The linseed oil within it acts deeply on the hair fiber without weighing it down or leaving residues. You can apply it to both dry and wet hair!

Curls and Waves Modeling Cream

It has anti-frizz effect and a modeling and nourishing action. Made with linseed oil, it guarantees elastic and well-defined curls, soft and shiny. It does not need to be rinsed, is paraben-free, non-greasy, and does not weigh down! Apply it on still damp hair and give a shape to your hair with the help of a hairdryer and diffuser.

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Curls and Curls Modeling Cream

It has strong hold nourishing and anti-frizz effect. Its formula is rich with argan oil, perfect for defining curls and curls without greasing, weighing down, or leaving residues. You can apply it on damp hair before proceeding with drying, resulting in luminous, soft, and elastic hair! Curls and Curls Modeling
Cream with modeling and disciplining action.

Basically, its formulation includes fixative resins with high elasticizing and shaping power, which help to support and define the curl, keratin with a repairing and protective effect and argan oil to strengthen and protect the hair structure. Moreover, without parabens and allergens, it does not need to be rinsed, and, once applied to still-damp hair, you can proceed with styling without greasing, weighing down, or leaving residues.

Light Modeling Mouuse

​Finally, you can also evaluate the Light Modeling Mousse is ideal for structuring curls individually, making them elastic, defined, and extremely light. Its effectiveness derives from moringa, a protein contained within it capable of counteracting capillary aging. It also gives considerable soothing, emollient and nourishing properties. However, its formulation also includes collagen, which regulates humidity and protects against dryness, and iron, silicon, zinc, copper, and magnesium, making the hair more robust and more resistant.

Hairdryer and Diffuser

And Finally, If the hairdryer and diffuser do not satisfy you and you are looking for something even more effective, evaluate the CurlSet by Salon Studio Professional. The interchangeable iron equipped with 4 irons of different diameters allows you to create wavy looks and define your curls in seconds!

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