So, Today we are releasing reimagined journal. Developed by Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group, this new version explore new example centered around personal, ink-first experiences. Our goal is to explore how we push new AI and interface techniques to make inking more pleasant and manageable. Push this technology to stay out of way while you write, enabling new capabilities to make using digital ink invaluable.

We focus on this to help unlock new capabilities not possible with physical paper or seen today in most inking application. For many of us, way to express this motivation is through writing. We reach for piece of paper to start capturing our idea. We sketch an idea. Flip through the previous pages to remember what you created while also moving forward. If you want more information, read the complete article given below.

A New ink-first Experience with Journal, Microsoft Garage project

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Today we’re excited to release Journal, Microsoft Garage project, personal inking growth is powered by AI to help you write. It super-powers your everyday writing, enable new movement to keep you in flow, and provide new way to search and filter to find content. Oh, and if you have Microsoft 365 work or school account, you can take personal meeting note easily. You can watch project overview on YouTube.

We’re excited to share this reimagine look at Journal, and we’re excited to hear your feedback.

Why is it Best to utilize Microsoft Ink?

Why is it Best to utilize Microsoft Ink_

There are multiple benefits to employee this innovation. It allow users to write electronically on screen in various way. So, it considerably aids user in drawing. Viewer to utilize any extra resource to increase their originality. A digital pen is linked to paper and may use effortlessly.

Such technology used efficiently on Office 360 suite, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint platform. Along with photos, the ink innovation enables you to perform task on the sidelines. You may use color-popping and highlights tools to improve the images of notes you wrote.

Microsoft Ink’s Main Features

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Here you can learn more important points about and its features:

  • An ink-first experience for those who write with digital pen
  • A page-based canva for easy scrolling, optimized for tablet and 2-in-1 device
  • New intuitive Ink Gesture to erase and select ink that doesn’t require a mode switch
  • Use touch to scroll page, or tap ink to select word, sentence, and more
  • Drag and drop select content between pages or to your favorite application
  • Microsoft 365 integration to access Calendar for faster meeting notes
  • Import and markup PDF and image
  • Search and recall using keyword or filter
  • Subscription require, sold separately.

1. Post-It Notes with a Sketchpad

Using sticky notes is affordable way to recall. The combination of Microsoft Ink and sticky note technology lets you handwrite notes and sketch ideas immediately on your device’s screen.

2. Screenshots

Screen Sketch is beneficial application for collecting and editing screenshot. Use your digital pen to point out important parts, circle vital data, or add comment to screenshot.

3. Use Whiteboard

Ms Whiteboard is an interactive tool that promote teamwork and creativity. You may use digital inking to discuss thought, create sketch, and engage in task in actual time, creating more enjoyable and interactive journey.

4. Connectivity with OneNote

Ms Ink works perfectly with OneNote, allowing you to take states, draw sketches, and mark files with the intuitive sensation of a pen on paper. This function benefits learners and professionals who depend on taking notes for their jobs.

5. Better Inking expertise

Ms has worked to improve inking interface by increasing pen sensibility and decreasing delays. Sketching or writing on screen gives it more authentic, pen-and-paper feel.

An Experience Design for Ink First

We also created an experience optimize with ink as primary medium. While many apps offer mix of text and ink, we wanted to create world where ink wasn’t just mode, where we could introduce simplicity to whole app to meet feel of standard paper better but still tap into powers of what digital ink can do.

Since not all inking need to be words you write, we added in support for adding images or importing PDFs so you can have excellent ink annotation on top of these.

Microsoft Ink’s Search with filter

Microsoft Ink’s Search with filter

Paper can be tough medium to compete with. Aside being familiar, it has excellent battery life and is always on. With digital ink want to focus on area where digital can do better: search and recall.

In Journal, we’ve created new search experience powered by ink AI. With this, we can help you rediscover past ink you’ve create. Looking for list you wrote? Filter on it. Want to find that sketch you made last month? Filter on it. By filtering people by type of content they wrote,

We also created new visual to browse search result: Cards. Cards make it faster and easier to skim results and jump back to what you need. They can also provide an excellent Table of Content view for heading you’ve created.

These new experience work automatically – no need to change writing style. There are no hidden gesture to unlock. We’d love to hear how search and filter work for you and any feedback you’d have to make it more robust.

Valuable Tips and Tricks of

  1. These are few tips to keep in mind when using Microsoft Ink.
  2. com/ink provide chance to improve document innovation and originality.
  3. Use highlight technique to draw attention to specific images or text files.
  4. Highlight anything unique or essential on document using pen.
  5. Eliminate undesired pieces or text using additional tools such as wipe.
  6. Experiment with various instrument and color scheme to improve your artwork.


To summarize, Microsoft Ink is digital creativity and expression game revolution. Its user-friendly design, plethora of tools, and interactive possibilities make it an essential tool for creators, educators, and businesspeople looking to recreate creation in age of technology. With Microsoft Ink, you can create the future of design and unleash limitless possibilities of ideas on electronic canvas.