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Eyelashes Write for Us

The eyelashes are a fringe of thin, curved hairs that grow at the corner of the eyelid. They help protect the eye from debris, sweat, and foreign particles like dust and pollen. Eyelashes also have an essential physical function—they protect the eyes from excessive light and glare. With the eyebrows, eyelashes frame the eyes and draw attention to this critical feature of human facial expression.

Most people have between 80 to 120 thin hairs on each eyelash line. Eyelashes grow in a cycle of several weeks, with some always in the growing (anagen) phase while others are in transitional (catagen) or resting (telogen) phases. They are made of the same keratin protein as other hairs on the body. Eyelash color varies depending on a person’s natural hair pigmentation. Curling and lengthening mascaras are commonly used cosmetic products to enhance eyelashes and complement eye makeup looks. Proper eyelash care helps keep them healthy, dark, and damage-free.

How Can I Properly Care For My Eyelashes?

Clean the lash line daily with a mild cleanser or makeup remover to prevent buildup. Avoid rubbing. Apply a coat of petroleum jelly or eye cream along the lash line before bed to keep lashes conditioned as they grow. Use an eyelash brush or spoolie to brush lashes upward daily. It removes dead skin and promotes lash health. Be gentle when applying mascara. Choose a water-based formula and remove it with a dedicated eye makeup remover to avoid pulling lashes.

Avoid excessive rubbing of eyes. Lashes can become damaged or fall out more easily from friction. Skip eyelash perming or treatments if you have sensitive eyes or a history of eye infections. Visit an ophthalmologist regularly for an annual eyelid and lash examination to check for abnormalities. Protect lashes from sun damage with sunglasses or a wide-brim hat when outdoors. UV light can damage follicles. Consider a prescription eyelash serum or Latisse if thinning is caused by a medical condition.

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