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Epidermis Write for Us

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, serving as a protective barrier between the body and the external environment. The Epidermis comprises several layers of cells, including keratinocytes, which produce the protein keratin that helps provide strength and waterproofing to the skin. Its role is protecting the underlying tissues, regulating water loss, and defending against external factors such as pathogens, UV radiation, and physical damage.

It may also be mentioned that the Epidermis constantly renews itself through cellular turnover. New cells are formed in the basal layer and gradually migrate to the surface, replacing old shed cells. The epidermis lacks blood vessels and relies on the underlying dermis for nourishment and oxygen supply. It may highlight the importance of maintaining the health and integrity of the Epidermis for overall skin health and function.

Layers of Epidermis

Stratum basale (basal layer): The deepest layer comprises column-shaped cells. It borders the dermis and is where new skin cells are produced through cell division.

Stratum spinosum (spinous layer): It is Located above the stratum basale. The cells within begin to produce keratin and develop spines/spikes that interlock them.

Stratum granulosum (granular layer): The cells here are flattened and filled with keratohyalin granules containing profilaggrin, a protein that bundles keratin fibers.

Stratum lucidum (transparent layer): It is present in areas of thick skin like soles and palms. It appears clear as the cells have transitioned to being entirely flattened.

Stratum corneum (horny layer): The outermost layer is composed of flat, anuclear, keratin-filled corneocytes. These dead skin cells are constantly shed from the surface and replaced by cells produced in the basal layer.

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