Descargar Pase de Movilidad Con Rut: It is a document achieved at It certifies that person carrying completed their vaccination schedule against COVID-19 and they have already completed 14 days after second dose of Pfizer vaccines. Sinovac, AstraZeneca and SPUTNIK V; single dose of CanSino and Janssen; and booster dose. So, the Pass also certifies that person is not subject to mandatory isolation by the Health Authority due to close contact, likely or confirmed case. Download your Mobility Pass here.

First go to “My Profile” and indicate your email address. Then check your inbox and validate your email. Then go to “My Profile; Fill in some personal information, then click on “Complete identity, and you can download your Mobility Pass. Remember that you can also show the QR code on the back of your ID card to show that you have all your vaccinations.

What does the Mobility Pass Entail?

What does the Mobility Pass Entail?

This new pass replaces the old Green Card.

  • It is a dynamic digitalize document that aims to provide greater mobility freedoms to people living in communes in phase 1 and phase 2.
  • In turn, it will allow travel between regions for people living in communes in phase 2.

With the existence of this new pass, only freedom of movement granted but the following national regulations remain in force:

  • Capacity for social gatherings and the prohibition of participating in them during Quarantine and Transition (weekends and holidays).
  • Compliance with curfew.
  • Capacity and operating restrictions and restricted activities of the Step by Step plan.
  • Prohibition of in-person work for workers who do not have permission to do so.
  • What happens if I have my mobility pass and test positive for Covid-19 or am I in close contact?
  • In the event that person test positive for Covid-19 or is classified as a close contact of another infected person. They must strictly maintain isolation.
  • Your pass code will show that you are not authorize to circulate until you obtain official clearance.

How do you obtain the Mobility Pass?

How do you obtain the Mobility Pass?

QR code found vaccination receipt. This document is presented digitally or physically and obtained on the site ID unique password or serial number. Those over 70 may use their “Vaccination Card” and their identification document as an alternative to this proof.

The QR code is unique and personal, and when scanned, it will inform whether the Mobility Pass is enabled or not at that moment.

Who can obtain the Mobility Pass?

Who can obtain the Mobility Pass?

  • Over 12 years of age have been 14 days since second dose of the Pfizer, Sinovac, and AstraZeneca vaccines and 14 days since the injection of the single dose of CanSino vaccine.
  • Since November 1, their own Mobility Pass require for those over 12.
  • From December 1, people over 45 must have the booster dose to have their Mobility Pass enabled, and from January 1, 2022, the booster dose will required for those over 18 years of age.

How can I download my Mobility Pass with the fourth dose?

To obtain your updated document, you must first enter the portal allowed by the Ministry of Health (Minsal) called ” I vacuum, “which you can access by clicking on

In this place, you will have to enter your RUT, license document number, email, and password. Now, in this place, go to the ” My Vaccines” tab and download the updated permit.

The Mobility Pass in Chile can be downloaded in four ways: with Unique Code, with email, with serial number, and by scanning the QR code of identity card. Here, we give you details of each process.

1. Unique Key. Please enter link mevacuno.gob.log with RUT and Unique Code , go to My Vaccines Menu, and click Download.

2. Email. Enter the link mevacuno.gob.Cl, log in with your email and password, go to the My Vaccines menu, and click on Form. Complete the steps, and that’s it.

3. Serial number. Please enter the link mevacuno.gob.log with your serial number, go to the My Profile menu, and indicate your email. Check your inbox and validate your email. Enter My Profile again, complete your identity information, and download the document.

4. QR code. From February 1, 2022, vaccination cards can obtain by scanning the identity card’s QR code from the websites

Thus, the process continued, and we are on the fourth dose against the coronavirus. It must update occasionally and maintain its validity.

How and Where to get the Vaccinated Pass?

The mobility pass enable after fourteen days of being inoculate with the second dose (or with the single dose. In the case of the Can Sino vaccine), to download it you must enter the site You must enter site to download the green card.

Create a profile by registering with the email once on the site, you can enter with a unique password. Once you have logged in, you must fill in the requested information and go to the “my vaccines” tab, where you can download the green card.


For this reason, and so that it enjoyed without major inconveniences due to the capacity required in the Step by Step Plan, it is better to have the mobility pass to vaccinate with the complete schedule of each anti-covid-19 vaccine. The National Holidays begin, a time for celebrations and family reunions, even though there will be no significant festivities due to the advance of the coronavirus in the country.

The QR code is unique and personal, and when scanned, it will inform whether the Mobility Pass is enable or not enable at that moment.