Bts Bangkok – The Bangkok Mass Transit System, usually known as BTS or Skytrain, is an advanced rapid transit system located in Bangkok, Thailand, providing one of the fastest travel methods. It is cheap, reliable, and very frequently available. You should know something different even if you have used the SkyTrain in other countries. The information below may help you.

Overview of Thailand BTS:

The BTS station operates on an elevated railway platform connecting significant thoroughfares in central Bangkok. The BTS is connected to the MRT subway and BRT express bus service. It is also connected to the Chao Phraya Express riverboat service.

If you are taking a mainline train elsewhere in Thailand, change to the MRT and then go to Hualamphong Station. Suvarnabhumi Airport can also be reached by the Airport Rail Connection from BTS Phaya Thai, and Don Mueang Airport is connected to BTS Mo Chit station by a unique bus line.

The system consists of 52 stations spread over two lines. Sukhumvit Line and Silom Line. They meet at Siam Station in the center of Bangkok’s business district.

Operational hours: 6:00 am to 12:00 noon daily

Frequency: every 5 minutes

The BTS Bangkok Skytrain is the easiest, fastest, and most popular mode of transportation in Bangkok. The Skytrain is also a standard mode of transportation for local Thai citizens and tourists. The BTS has 2 main lines: the Silom line and the Sukhumvit line. The 2 lines intersect at Siam station.

Bts Bangkok

Bangkok is very well-known for its traffic jams and crowded roads. Sometimes, it is inconvenient to travel from one place to another by car. This is why using the BTS Skytrain can be a worthy idea to save time and decrease the hassle caused by traffic jams.

The BTS Skytrain also connects to the MRT (Bangkok Underground Metro) at many stations on both

lines, making the city even more connected.

Peak Hour

The Skytrain becomes very busy when employees start and finish their work during peak hours. These peak hours are approximately 7:00 am to 9:00 am and also from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. So try your best to avoid using BTS during these times.

Working Hours

The BTS Skytrain starts at 6:30 am and runs until midnight.

BTS Sky Train

Bts Bangkok

The BTS Skytrain is the first electric mass transit rail system to enter service in Thailand. Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC) built and operates it. Inaugurated on December 5, 1999, the BTS Skytrain operates on 2 lines, serving 23 stations.

Sukhumvit Line royally bestowed with the title Elevated Train in Commemoration of His Majesty the King’s 6th Cycle Birthday, Route 1, running 17 km from Mo Chit Station to On Nut Station.
Silom Line royally bestowed with the title Elevated Train in Commemoration of His Majesty the King’s 6th Cycle Birthday, Route 2, running over 6.5 km from National Stadium Station to Saphan Taksin Station.

BTS SkyTrain system is a high-capacity mass transit system with an international standard, widely used in cosmopolitans worldwide. Each train can serve up to 1,000 passengers per journey compared to transporting the same number of commuters on the roads, equal to 250 cars. Using electric motors to propel and a third-rail system to supply electricity, the SkyTrain runs on elevated tracks, with inbound and outbound trains running on separate tracks and platforms. The BTS SkyTrain changes the face of the urban commute and raises the standard of mass transit services.

Over the past 20 years, BTS SkyTrain has provided the best mass rapid transit services. We continuously develop our system as the leading elevated rail mass transit provider, offering modern, fast, safe, efficient, and reliable services. We aim to provide the best-in-class service and relentlessly maximize customer satisfaction.

Vision Mission and Shared Values


We aim to be the best mass transit train service provider.


We aim to develop our system, operation, and personnel continuously and to manage our resources efficiently to provide a modern, fast, safe, efficient, and reliable service for our stakeholders and society.

Shared Values

We are committed to good governance and honing our personnel to provide the best-in-class service to our passengers.

BTS and Corporate Social Responsibilities

As the operator of the country’s first SkyTrain, which has proved to be a superior transport system, BTSC has not only alleviated traffic congestion in Bangkok but offers travelers a comfortable, fast, and safe ride, contributing to a better quality of life for Bangkok residents.

BTSC is committed to achieving high customer satisfaction and giving back to the community. Moreover, it sets its employees’ quality of life as a priority, insists on their fair treatment, and offers career development, ultimately improving personnel efficiency. Since the operation’s launch, we have focused on good governance practices, accountability to customers, and policies for the efficient consumption of resources. Our practices also extend to practical action for social development to benefit the community and environmental conservation.

Single Journey Card

  • Single Journey ticket is usable for a single journey, with fares according to the chosen destination. (starting at 17 Baht, up to 47 Baht per journey)
  • Valid for travel on the date of purchase only.
  • The ticket will be taken at an Automatic Gate upon exit.
  • Single Journey Tickets can be purchased at whichever Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM), Integrated Ticketing Machine (ITM), and Ticket Vending Machine (TVM).

One-Day Pass

  • Price 150 Baht
  • Valid for unlimited rides on the date of issue or registration only
  • Non-refundable
  • Available at all BTS Ticket Offices.

Misuse of a card or abuse of card conditions will result in forfeiture of the card, and a fine not exceeding 20 times the maximum applicable average fare will be imposed.

Announcement on Conditions of Issuance by Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited

By Part 3 of Bangkok Mass Transit System Regulations regarding Ticket, Fare, and Collection of Fare, Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (“Company”) announces the following Conditions of Issuance (“Announcement”) at this moment.

Unless specified otherwise, the terms used in this Announcement shall have the same meanings defined in the Bangkok Mass Transit System Regulations dated 5 December 1999.

Fare rates shall be as per the Effective Fare as published by the Company at BTS stations.

Categories of Ticket and Conditions of Ticket Usage.

BTS challenge programme starts 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023

Bonus Points promotion starts 1 January 2023 to 31 March 2023

Trips made per week will be collected as points starting from at least 4 visits per week, which is equal to 150 points. The Rabbit points collecting is only eligible for BTS passengers who travel through at least 5 stations, including the entry station on the Sukhumvit Line (Mo Chit – On Nut) or Silom Line (National Stadium – Saphan Taksin).

Journeys attained through the 30-day trip pass promotional are not eligible for earning Rabbit Points and redeeming free trips under this promotion.

Earning and redeeming Rabbit points for BTS-free trips are as per the terms and conditions prescribed by Rabbit Rewards.