Manicure a person’s hands say a lot about him, our hands are the means with which we express interest, admiration, and to a great extent.  Its appearance is an essential part of the public image we give, and although we can take care of our hands with creams and scrubs, the only place we can beautify them is the nails. Also, in times of pandemics. It is appreciating to be able to show or express our personality through our manicures. Nowadays, with the great variety that they offer us, not everyone is so clear about how many types of manicures there are or what each

Our purpose is to explain it in a clear and summarizing  way.


  1. Nail make-up removal
  2. Cut and equalize the nails with the pliers
  3. File and polish nails
  4. Exfoliation
  5. Put your hands in the container with water for 2 or 3 minutes.
  6. Lift the cuticle and skin adhered to the sheet with the orange stick and apply the cuticle remover
  7. Massage of the hand, forearm and elbow
  8. Put the nail base
  9. Make up the nails with 1 or 2 coats
  10. Add a layer of glitter to finish

Manicure Types Mention Below

French Manicure

It is one of the best known. Provides an elegant and discreet touch. A neutral background enamel is apply and a thin white line is drawn horizontally on the top of the nail, to finish, everything is sealed with a layer of transparent enamel.

 Reverse French Manicure

It is less well known than the previous one and the horizontal line is placing on the opposite side, on the lunula.

Russian Manicure

It differs in the method of manipulating the cuticle, the nail is completely cleaning using a drill. It is done dry and the cuticle is completely remove. In this way, the nail can be paints closer to the root and growth is not evident as quickly.

American Manicure

It is considering a variant of the French manicure. Whenever ,the difference in this is that it gives a more natural appearance to the final finish. In this case, more evident colour contrast is sought.

Brazilian Manicure

Whenever,  in this type of manicure, the hands are not submerged in water to soften the cuticles. Instead, gloves are placing  with active ingredients of keratin and vitamin E that are nourishing, antioxidant and have regenerating properties.

Japanese Manicure

However,  effort is not to decorate the nail but to improve its health. It consists of applying a special paste (of seaweed and beeswax) on the nail plate to make it look brighter and more luminous.

The final finish is with pearl powder of marine origin. A shiny, healthy and beautiful nail with a natural appearance is achieves.

Jelly Manicure

A transparent, gelatinous colour effect is creating like colour glass, made of translucent acrylic that is sculpt into the nail.

Baby Boomer Manicure

Whenever, it is a gradient technique from a nude tone to a white one. This is achieve by using acrylic powders (usually white and pink) that are placing on the nail and then blending  with a brush.

Nail Art

Nail Art - Decoration

However, it consists of decorating the nail with different designs using different materials, techniques and a lot of imagination. It is becoming the most demanding  type of manicure today.

Artificial Nail Extensions

Whenever, an option for those who have short nails. The main types of extension are gel, acrylic or porcelain nails. The acrylic ones dry in the air, and the gel ones must be cure in a UV or LED lamp. Both are well remove with acetone, abrasive file or lathe. Every 3 weeks they need a touch-up.

Manicure: How to Take Care?

The types of treatment manicure, it is recommends that they be done in a beauty center due to the difficulty of finding the necessary elements for its elaboration and for the objective of relaxing the hands. These treatments are performing  before the hand massage step in the order of the manicure protocol.

It is one of the most complete treatments and begins with a relaxation technique as a first step: massage with aromatic oils. However, the hands are exfoliate and covering  with a hot towel, to finish clarifying and moisturizing with a special mask for the skin of the hands.

Manicure With Hot Stones

However, it has a therapeutic effect. It is base  on placing two hot stones on the back of the hand, to relax them and relieve joint pain. The hands are then impregnate and massage with essential oils.

Rehabilitative Manicure

It is perfect for hands with very dry or damaging  skin and that need to improve circulation. They are submerge  in a container with aloe vera and algae extract. Whenever, Outside the container, the mixture is remove and a natural exfoliant is applying to the hands and nails.


The procedure involves putting your hands in a container containing hot water for a few minutes, this treatment hydrates the skin, cuticle and nails. However ,Prevent them from looking dull and breaking. It is ideal for very dry hands. Improves muscle and joint pain.

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