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Home SPA: How to Arrange the Perfect Day Off for Yourself

Home SPA_ How to Arrange the Perfect Day Off for Yourself

Home SPA: December is not the right month to relax. At work, you need to close projects and keep up with reports, and buying gifts for your loved ones is a hassle, though pleasant. However, you can always spare a day to take care of yourself. It’s unnecessary to go to a SPA, especially in December when the budget is unlikely to include spending on spontaneous care procedures. SPA rest can be arranged at home. The main thing is to think through the details, and then you will get as much benefit and pleasure as from the salon and save money.

Prepare Yourself and Your Family for a SPA Weekend

Plan a day and time when you’ll have a day off just for yourself. Figure out how many hours of perfect relaxation you need — two, four, or maybe a whole day. Warn your family that you can’t be distracted during this time, just as you wouldn’t be distracted during a work call.

Besides the household, you need to prepare yourself for a personal SPA weekend. Do a little nutritional relief on this day: go for light meals, avoid alcohol, drink more water, and don’t eat right before your treatment.

Prepare the things you’ll need so you have everything on hand and don’t have to run barefoot out of the bathroom for a fresh towel. Or make tea when all you have left to do is relax and drink it while sitting in a chair.

Prepare Aromas and Music

Calming music and pleasant aromas will help distract you from your problems and shift your attention to sensations. It’s important that neither is annoying. If you don’t like the sound of grasshoppers chirping and sweet smells seem heavy, give it up. The secret to relaxation is different for everyone. You don’t have to choose nature sounds and oriental scents just because that’s what spas do. Put on a playlist that evokes warm emotions for you at this moment. Scents are similar: light candles with your favorite scents, even if it’s pine or tobacco. After all, this weekend is all about you!

Choose the Perfect Spot and Put It in Order

The best place for a spa weekend is the bathroom because water helps you relax and most of your care routines are associated with it. It’s important that your “spa” is tidy, and that unnecessary things don’t attract attention. Minimalism helps you disconnect, so try to free up space as much as possible. For the time being, remove the laundry basket and jars of products you won’t use from the bathroom. Hide household items, clean the mirror, and have fresh towels ready.

Start your SPA day in the bathroom and end it in the bedroom. For example, after steaming your skin, do a full body wrap, apply a mask, and move to a comfortable bed. In this case, take care of the coziness in the room. Also, your “spa space” must be warm.

Accessorize and Decorate the Space

Surround yourself with things that will make your treatments even more enjoyable. Besides candles, it can be a teapot of tea or refreshing water with lemon. Perhaps lying in the bathtub will be more pleasant with a fruit plate. For usefulness and entourage, you can add herbs to the water: chamomile, mint, linden flowers, rose petals, or a drop of your favorite essential oil.

You can take a book with you, or if you are afraid of getting the paper pages wet, choose an audio format, listen to an interesting podcast, or play a Fruit Shop slot instead.

Make a SPA Program

Plan your treatments and buy what you’re missing in advance. Sea salt, bubble baths, beautiful bubbling bombs, or shimmering pearls can be used to steam up your skin and lounge in the bathtub. Match the products to achieve the desired effect.

In parallel with taking a bath, you can make a mask for your hair, which you have never had time to do. Just prepare everything for this in advance. If it’s necessary to dilute the dry product, it would be good to immediately put a saucer next to it and not go from a warm bath to the kitchen for it.

After steaming and massaging the body with a scrub, the effectiveness of the wraps will increase several times because the useful substances will be able to penetrate deeper into the tissues. So if you like such home procedures, then your SPA program just won’t be complete without a cosmetic wrap.

A beautiful end of care procedure will be a face mask. Both cleansing and cool cloth masks work well on steamed and cleansed skin to cool down after the steam and dip your face in freshness. Choose any mask you like, as long as you enjoy the process.

Remember to Rest at the End

At the end of the procedures, apply moisturizing milk, cream, or oil to the body. Your skin will be grateful and will keep moisturizing for a long time.

After you’ve finished your treatments, be sure to rest. Resting after a SPA treatment is as important as savasana after yoga. Make sure you don’t need to go anywhere on your day off, at least for an hour after your treatments. This will help calm you down and bring you back to reality. Curl up with your feet in a chair and read your favorite book. Drink herbal tea or cool coconut water to replenish electrolyte balance.

Dedicate just one day to yourself, and you’ll see your skin freshen up, feel better, and the puffiness go away quickly and without saying goodbye. This kind of self-care will help you reboot and take a breather in the run-up to Christmas. For one day that you spend without fuss and daily routine, the world will definitely not collapse.

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