Hair Colours for Brown Skin, Natural hair color is black, it mixture of some of these colors, for example: red with blonde and brown blends. (golden red), blonde with brown varieties (dark blonde-light brown), black or brown mixes (black-dark brown), brown with blonde compounds. the trendy hair tones

According to professionals, from “controlled gold” to coppery orange, these are the most in-demand hair colors and looks for fall.


The hair’s natural color is due to two types of melanin, which provide dark colors, between black and brown. Pheomelanin gives rise to light colors, between yellow and red.

These are found in different proportions depending on the race;  the ratio and quantity are specific to each individual, which gives rise to a wide variety of hair colors. Melanin is synthesized by cells, the melanocytes, which in the hair are located exclusively in the upper part of the bulb. The manufacture melanin is distributed in the cortex and in the medulla of the hair, while the cuticle lacks this pigment.

Classified Hair Dyes and Components of Hair Color

The origin of its components vegetable-metallic-synthetic dyes. The duration of its effects: temporary-semi-permanent-permanent dyes. The detailed classification is according to the source of its members. This classification will be followed in future files,  in which the characteristics of each type of dyes will be detailed in terms of ingredients of the formulation, chemical family of the shades, mechanism of actions, method of preparation and application of the shadows, gray hair coverage capacity, risk of sensitization, etc. Lakme Cosmetics for providing the color chart reproduced on this sheet.

Light hair

Light hair

Lightening your hair naturally is one of the ways to change the look or give your hair a healthier, more summery touch without having to go to the beauty salon or damaging it with aggressive products. You probably have most of these home remedies in your kitchen. There are many different ways to do this, some faster than others. And most will be more effective if you expose yourself to the sun (but always with a good photoprotector on your skin). We start with one of the simplest mixtures that, in addition, will give a rich aroma to your hair.

Dark hair

Hair removal Laser treatment is usually more and more effective on light-skin people with dark hair than on dark-skin people because higher flounces can be use. It Compare to the fact that the skin of redheads is more sensitive to UV rays than that of dark-haired people. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with fair skin and coarse dark hair. High more safely.

Light Hair and in Dark Hair

Hair is almost like a mirror of the instant soul, and experts say that more than revealing your personality. It says what moment in our lives we are in and how we are changing. “Hair even reflects the state of mind in which you find yourself at the moment and of course your personality, your way of seeing life, a thousand things. You change throughout life, and your hair accompanies you in that change.

Home Remedies of Healthy Hairs

Lemon juice

Mix a glass of lemon juice with half a glass of distilled water. With this natural remedy, you can lighten your hair from dark blonde to lighter without reddish tones appearing unless your hair is red.


hair color for brown skin. It is perhaps the best-known and most used home remedy to lighten your hair naturally. In addition to providing nutrients to your hair, it will leave a pleasant smell. Make an infusion of two sachets of chamomile and mix it with distilled water. Spray your hair with the mixture and let it act under the sun’s rays for at least an hour. Then wash and rinse.

Baking soda

Baking Soda for Hair, It is another way to lighten your hair with ingredients or natural remedies. That you can have in your kitchen, it is a good ally for your hair, mixture with hot water until you get the texture of paste .Apply and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash and rinse

Apple vinegar

hair color for brown skin is another of the best-known home remedies to lighten your hair naturally, but avoid doing it if you leave the house. Mix approximately half a glass of water with half a glass of distilled water. Spray and leave for half an hour then wash.


Instead of light brown or dark brown, you can always mix other colors with the more classic brown. As we recommend that you experiment with mixtures that can combine brown with more orange or blonde tones

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