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Make your 2022 greeting card

Make your 2022 greeting card

Create a popup card

The paper for a beautiful greeting card is the basis. But why not stylize the support a bit by playing with the shapes? Create a popup card to send your best wishes for 2022 with volume! Popup cards always make an impression, especially with children.

Make a quilled greeting card

In addition to the popup, there is also the quilling (rolled paper) greeting card. This modern method requires a little patience but offers an incomparable result! Cut strips of colored paper and move them with a pin or quilling needle. With this method, you can make true works of art!

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Make origami for your greeting card

In the same style as quilling, we have origami! So no, we’re not talking about creating an origami card (although why not, nothing is impossible with DIY), but about creating small origami shapes that you can stick on your card: magic stars, Christmas cards, Santa Claus, years, Snowflakes… the range of possibilities is enormous! Use origami paper for beautiful colors and tactile texture. It can be used in small accents to decorate a postcard, photo, or painting or in a large format to stick in the center of the card for a wow factor.

A scrapbooking greeting card

Magazines and newspapers are full of festive text and graphics with different colors of gold! Cut and paste or originally superimpose them to create a scrapbooking greeting card! Without a magazine, cut shapes out of paper sheets of different materials to create a unique universe and send a homemade greeting card in the mail.

Feel free to add color and texture by decorating your personalized card with glitter, feathers, or dried flowers to make your holiday cards stand out!

Create an original greeting card

For the bravest, bet on personalized greeting cards that are out of the ordinary! For example :

Cover a Christmas or holiday illustration with tiny beads or rhinestones. Feel free to vary the shape, size, and color of the beads you stick on your card to make it look pretty!

Crochet letters and numbers before gluing them to the cardboard!

Bake edible Christmas cards to give away. Write congratulations with a cookie cutter or cookie stamp.

Offer a card to plant! Filled with tiny seeds, the card is ready to be planted upon arrival and will bear beautiful flowers in spring – an effective way to offer an eco-friendly greeting card!

Share your latest creations of the year on the networks using the hashtag #IMAKE! In the meantime, the whole IMAKE team wishes you Happy Holidays.

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